Everyone from fitness enthusiasts to fishermen will enjoy the Waikiki. The effortless glide you feel as the board skims across the surface is as exciting as it is effective. If you want to do more than just paddle about in circles, then this is the board you’ve been waiting for. The almost unbreakable construction means that you can lug all the fishing, hunting or diving gear you need without ever worrying about damaging it. The weight carrying capacity of this board also makes it ideal for larger paddlers, or parents wanting to take kids on board with them without overloading the hull. Great tracking, encouraging stability, and unmatched resilience to abuse make the Waikiki a winning design.


Waikiki  11’6″ (3.52 m) x 34 3/4″ (88 cm) x 9.3″ – 301ltr                                                                                                                  Colours:

Diablo Red, Angel White, Sunset, Sky, Lime,


Weight : 27.2 kg (60 lbs)