As the sport of SUP continues to grow, so do the various disciplines within it. One thing that remains constant however is families wanting to just go out and paddle. Whether it’s a parent with a kid, and session of Yoga, or the kids using the board as a dive platform, the Namaste answers this need perfectly.

The Namaste has our unique non chaffing pad that eliminates rash from doing yoga moves (or simply sun tanning or messing about on board as many families do). The deck is lightly concave from tip to tail increasing balance, giving you a more positive feel while in movement, and reducing wobble. This same recess makes it easier for children (and dogs) to stay comfortably on board  while paddling.

The wide rounded nose also increases stability, while the light V in the nose reduces wave slap when paddling making for a more comfortable ride without reducing that “classic surf shape” feel. It’s also 9’9″ for a reason – it’ll fit inside most compact cars, and store vertically in most garages. Built using our Tough-Stuff epoxy construction so it can take your families abuse, it also uses our tail mounted skeg.